Are you a visual content producer, seeking a steady supply of captivating backing music without the ongoing costs, rules & fuss of “royalty free” sync music catalogues?

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Starting as a part-time YouTube producer, I always struggled to find suitable backing music for my projects which did not:

1. violate some kind of copyright, to have my content suspended
2. sound like a substandard recording
3. cost between $20 – $100 per track, of which I could only use a segment
4. have complex licensing rules, restrictions and limitations
5. have ongoing usage costs


I asked around, and discovered that offline content producers of wedding, training and marketing videos faced the same problem. They had difficulty, not only sourcing flexible and affordable music, but could not budget for it because of the indeterminate nature of possible future recurring usage and licensing costs most sync music catalogues demand.

Even if you made, or charged a fee for your productions, it’s tough to budget for music when most catalogue tracks either limit you on the amount of publications, audience or channels you use them in.

And the tracks that are free, often ask you to sift through an endless, mind-numbing junkyard of substandard recordings – taking an age to find anything of production value.

I did further research, and discovered a ton of extremely talented musicians and producers (the REAL deal) on the verge of discovery, deserving of a break or even just some publicity.

I reached out to one artist, asking to borrow the rights to use just one recording in one of my productions, in return for some exposure – to which she elatedly agreed.

In return, she got a credit, introduction and ultimately a discovery which resulted in a publication and a record deal of her own, a break she dreamed of since childhood.

More artists followed, and soon I had more music than I knew what to do with.

This site is the product of that, passing on the benefit of my work and gratitude to all whom has contributed.

I can help you find only the best backing music to add some magic to your projects – something different from any mass-produced catalogues, at a fraction of the normal cost (sometimes for free) without ongoing commitments or fees.

Whether you make training, wedding, YouTube or marketing videos, whether you produce websites and online content, and make a fee from it or not, a good selection of quality backing music is the one weapon in your arsenal you’ll need to add the production value your audience or clients seek.

For that I need 5-minutes, and you to tell me who you are and what music you need.

In return, while I source the music you specify below, I’ll start you off with 5 completely free tracks to use for anything you like, as often, where and how you like – totally on me..
– no costs or commitments ever, and free of any copyright violation.

Tell me what music you need , and I’ll send 5 tracks your way for your effort: